Are you smiling ?

DogePups are a new class of inspirational tokens. By owning and trading DogePups, you believe in spreading the face of happiness and prosperity.

If DogeCoins were the large cap daddy dog for the people, DogePups are the 2021 microcap litter for this generation!

Inspire Happiness today :)

Mark Lower ยท Mark Lower - Point Of View (ft. Alexandra Prince, Nathalie Dorra & Darryll Smith) *not affiliated with DogePups

Tokenomics / Buy

DogePups are a microcap fully compliant BEP-20 standard token issued on the Binance Smart Chain.

Total Supply: 10,000,000 tokens
Founders: 300,000 (3%)
Promotional: 700,000 (7%)
Public Sale:
Opened May 22, 2021
9,000,000 (90%)
1 DogePup = 0.0002 BNB
Recommended purchase amount: 10,000
Remaining in public sale: (Connect Wallet)
Spend 0 of (Connect Wallet) BNB


Share the

The DogePups are community owned tokens. It is our collective responsibility to ensure we share the message of happiness with my cute furry face.
Trust the Official DogePups token contract, it is open to everyone to view the Live source code here, there are no secret doors, just good intentions !

Want FREE DogePup tokens?

The easiest way to earn DogePup tokens is to click that Tweet button. We will be giving away 50 DogePups every thursday at 12:00 EST to a different lucky Twitter supporter every draw until the reward supply is empty !

Are you a YouTuber ? Do you have some other great promotional ideas ? Contact Us ! there are 700,000 total DogePups available to community promoters. Every reward is tracked in the Smart Chain event log for transparency.

How to Setup your DogePups Wallet

Step 1.
Create a secure wallet

On a computer :

On a Smartphone:
Download and install Trust Wallet

The secret phrase is the MOST important part, keep it secret, keep it safe. Never share it and ensure you have a copy of the words securely stored in the event you lose access to your phone or computer.

Step 2.
Add DogePups to your wallet

After you Connect Wallet click the Add DogePups Token button

At the top right of Trust Wallet, tap the toggle sign. Search for DogePups, if it is not listed, Add Custom Token. Now tap Network > Ethereum and select Smart Chain.

Copy the official DogePups contract address from this page and paste in the Contract Address box, or scan qr into address box

Put DogePups as the name, and DOGEPUPS as the symbol. It will autofill 18 for the decimals.

Click Done at the top and you should have DogePups token information added and available in your wallet. Help us reach more than 5000 DogePups holders and we can submit for an official Trust Wallet icon listing !

Step 3.
Buy BNB on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

On the main screen in your Trust Wallet, in the middle right, tap Buy. If you have not verified your identity, Trust Wallet may ask you to follow the KYC ( know your customer) process. There may be a delay before your transaction is processed, this is normal, be patient.

Step 4.
Buy DogePups tokens

The DogePups mint rate is 1 DogePup = 0.0002 BNB ( approx. $0.10 - $0.15 USD ). Once the public sale has Sold out, DogePups will be available only from exchanges at future market prices.

Fig.1 - Example of a successfully connected wallet with purchase ready for confirmation
Sample Wallet connected and DogePups purchase quote


The Future


May.2021 - Launch!

Complete the website development. Extensive testing and security audit of the smart contract. Launch LIVE contract to Binance Smart Chain. Open Public sale of 90% of the total DogePups token supply.


2021 Cont'd - Listings

The remainder of 2021 will be awareness and distribution of DogePups through the public sale. Prepare for DogePups liquidity on partner exchanges and swaps. Allocate portion of reward tokens for swap liquidity. Submit DogePups for listing on BscScan, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, PancakeSwap.



2022 will be an entire year of cross-sector partnership developent reaching outside of cryptocurrency circles into traditional retail channels for merchandising partnerships. Check back later this year for a detailed breakdown.


Retail Distribution

2023-2025 will see the execution of the merchandise phase. We want a DogePup in the hands of every ambassador for happiness ! NFT opportunties and more. Prepare for the 2024 cryptocurrency hype cycle.


DogePups will be:

  • Submitted to Pancakeswap to open liquidity pools Completed! July 15, 2021
    DOGEPUPS-BNB Exchange pool on PancakeSwap (be patient, takes a moment to display)
  • Submitted to Trust Wallet ( once we reach over 5000 token holders )
  • Submitted to CoinMarketCap (upon meeting their volume requirements)
  • Submitted to CoinGecko (upon meeting their volume requirements)
  • Pending the completion of the public sale, submitted to a tier 1 Smart Chain dex